Amazon Prime Day: College Deals

Anyone who knows me knows I love Amazon Prime. I especially love when they have Amazon Prime Day. This year, they’ve got a special “Amazon Prime Day College Deals” sale going on leading up to the big day.

They are having up to 30% off college-related items. Everything from books to fashion to all you could possibly need to decorate your dorm room or apartment – on sale NOW!

SpeechLyss The Best Amazon Prime Day College Deals

Not an Amazon Prime member? You can get Amazon Prime Student today! They almost always have deals on Prime Student memberships and student memberships are already half the price of normal Prime. You get free 2-day shipping along with student-specific deals year-round!

Plus, you’ll get access to their amazing Amazon Prime Day coming up!! Here are the best deals with the best customer ratings so far:

1. Echo Dot (Alexa)

Okay, I never thought I’d be one to need an Alexa… but I’m obsessed. It is so convenient to tell her to add something to my grocery list or my Target list as soon as I think of something I need.

I moved into a new apartment recently and I can’t tell you how many times I would think of something I needed and by the time I got to adding it to the list on my phone – I’d forgotten it. The worst!! The amount of trips I could have saved if I’d set up my Alexa as soon as we got there… don’t make my mistake! Grab an Echo Dot for a whopping $22 below!

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Can you imagine controlling your TV through your Echo Dot? “Hey Alexa, play Parks & Rec Season 3 Episode 9.” Done. “Hey Alexa, volume down” when your mom is calling you. Done. The Fire Stick and Alexa combination is incredible. Not to mention the awesome streaming abilities you get with the Fire TV Stick!

Amazon is also running a deal with Sling for a $45 streaming credit – 3 months of streaming for $10/month! All for – seriously – $14.99 on Prime Day. Check out the deal below:

Side note – in need of a TV? Amazon has an awesome deal on a 32″ Toshiba (perfect size for a dorm room or apartment) – Prime Day deal only! Find it HERE.

3. Microfiber Cloths

Have you ever seen microfiber cloths in action?! They are incredible for cleaning up anything that has spilled on your desk, nightstand, counter, etc. They also do a mean job on the darn dust that builds up after a couple months in a new place.

The best part of microfiber cloths: you don’t need any sort of cleaning chemicals to do your dirty work. These cloths are THAT amazing. Just wet them with warm water and you’ve got yourself a clean, bacteria-free room.

P.S. these babies have 4.6 stars and over 5,200 reviews! Learn more at the link below.

4. Velvet Hangers

These are the ultimate hangers for small closets! (And even closets that are big but seem to fill up way too quickly… whoops!) They are extremely durable and save so much space for all our necessities.

Plus, they have 4.7 stars and over 3100 reviews and are on sale via Amazon Prime Day College Deals!

5. Post-Its

Because I promise you can never have too many post-its. And they’re on sale for the best price you’ll ever find.

6. Comforter/Insert

That’s right, this wonderful hypo-allergenic quilted down alternative can double as a duvet insert or simply a stand-alone comforter. It has hundreds of 5-star reviews and is on sale in all sizes!

7. Adjustable Bed Risers

With 4.5 stars and over 4,000 reviews and on sale for Amazon Prime Day College Deals – these bed risers come in handy when you want more room for storage under your bed! You can fit shelves, a mini fridge, double-stacked storage bins and more with these awesome risers.

8. Keurig Single-Serve

I know a lot of people who tried to function without coffee in college and grad school. Every one of those people now drinks coffee. It happens. Coffee is a miracle worker.

Get this space-saving Single-Serve Keurig bundle for $49.99 on Prime Day! It comes with 12 K-cups to get you started. Enjoy!

9. 2-qt Slow Cooker

Not only is this the perfect size for dorm room and apartment kitchens, it’s the perfect size when cooking for 1-2 people. Thousands of reviews and 4.5 stars make this Amazon Prime Day College Deals item quite the steal! Check it out below:

10. Silverware

Since we’re on the topic of cooking, you’re gonna need some silverware to eat! These Cambridge sets are gorgeous and affordable. I’m all in!

11. Floating Shelves

Adorable floating shelves add decoration and save space!

12. Area Rug

Spruce up your space with this absolutely gorgeous area rug! They have multiple sizes and designs to suit your style. I’m personally purchasing the one pictured for my apartment! I can’t wait to get it!!

13. Bar/Decor Cart

I am also purchasing this bar cart for my apartment while it’s on the Amazon Prime Day College Deals. I plan to use it as more of a decor piece! I love the dark wood and design!

14. Food Storage Containers

GlassLock has incredibly durable products all with hundreds of 5-star reviews! Check them out!

15. Workout/Athleisure Attire

Look sporty whether you’ve been to the gym today or not! Athleisure is a trend I fully support. Did I just get back from the gym? Am I planning on maybe going to the gym later today? Will I nap instead?

Amazon is having deals for up to 40% off Under Armour athletic attire and shoes! These workout pants are a hit and they’re on Prime Day deals for $31.50! Check out the pants and other Under Armour sale items at the link below!

16. Shoes

Save up to 30% on Amazon’s most popular shoes! Use THIS LINK to shop them all, or check out the under $50 pair I love below!

The Best Amazon Prime Day College Deals!

That’s all for now! Their sales change daily so check back for more!

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Feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments! Have an awesome day!


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